Chapter Officers

The chapter officers and at-large committee members are available at any time to answer your questions about ASSP and the Heart of America Chapter. Please call or email if you have any suggestions or concerns.

Use the Contact Us page to email the chapter leadership team.

  • President
    Derek Farmer, CSP
  • Vice President
    Christian Howell
  • Secretary
    Mindy Prichard, CSP
  • Treasurer
    Ravi Narayan, CSP, ARM
  • Website
    David Hallerud, ALCM
  • Social Media
    James Knifong
  • Newsletter
    McKenzie Turner
  • WISE Chair
    Karen Santoyo
  • Liaison for Student Sections
    Phil Shoemaker
  • Student Section Faculty Advisor
    Brian Welch, CSP
  • Student Section Faculty Advisor
    Monica Nevels, CSP, ASP
  • Student Section Faculty Advisor
    Wesley Tinker, CSP
  • Past President
    Tom Metzner, CSP, ARM-P, CFPS